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Signs You Need A House Washing

Signs you need a house washing

As a homeowner, it's crucial that you keep your house looking its absolute best year-round. While you may schedule a house washing once every few months, there may be times when you need a good pressure washing sooner rather than later. Here are a couple of tell-tale signs that you should schedule a house washing.

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Your House Looks Dirty

The easiest way to tell if your house is in need of a washing is if it simply looks dirty and unkempt. Is the dirt starting to dim the colors of your siding and gutters? Are there aspects of your home looking rundown and unclean? If you think your home looks dirty, you need to trust your instinct and schedule a pressure washing session.

You Notice New Critters

Certain pests and critters love to make their homes in areas that are dirty and poorly maintained. You may start to notice an increase in bugs or rodents in certain parts of your property, which could indicate that you need to take action. A thorough house washing can help get rid of these vermin for good.

Your Energy Bills Are High

This may come as a shock to some people, but dirty homes can actually cause your energy bills to be higher, especially in the winter. You want as much sunlight to come into your home to keep it warm. When there's a lot of grime on the windows, it can be harder for that sunlight to pour in, which means your internal heating system has to work harder to keep things comfortable. This leads to higher energy bills. Fortunately, you can potentially cut down on your bills simply by keeping your house exterior clean.

Your Neighbors Are Complaining

When your house looks dirty, it doesn't just affect you. It can affect the curb appeal of your neighbors' homes as well. You don't want to get on your neighbors' bad side, so it's wise to keep your home as clean as possible, especially if your neighbors are looking to sell their own homes.

Your Township Is Sending You Notices

Did you know that even your township may get involved if they notice your home is looking a little worse for wear? Eventually, they may even send you official warnings and fines if you don't clean up. Rather than dealing with such headaches, invest in a house washing service today.

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