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East Greenwich Township's First-Rate Pressure Washing Services


North Star Power Washing takes great pride in being the top local service provider. We're number one in East Greenwich Township for professional pressure washing. Our commitment to excellence in exterior surface cleaning for area homes and businesses remains unwavering.

We want to continue to help residential and commercial property owners keep their exteriors sparkling clean. Curb appeal is important, but the overall condition of your home or commercial facility is even more crucial.

What can we clean for you today? Choose from our menu of exterior surface cleaning services, including driveway washing, deck cleaning, and other services.

Call us in East Greenwich Township to request a free estimate, or go ahead and schedule your service appointment. We look forward to showing you in person how our skilled work and superior customer service capabilities made us the favorite in this area for pressure washing.

Helping East Greenwich Township Homeowners With Vital Roof Cleaning Services

Surely you realize that the rooftop is one of the most important features of your East Greenwich Township home. The roofing system and foundation are the MVPs of your home, and the roof helps protect all of your home, including the foundation. Yet, even though most homeowners realize how critical a role the roof plays, they still fail to provide the necessary care needed.

Roof cleaning is integral to a successful preventative maintenance plan. Inspections and repairs are crucial, but cleaning can help prevent repairs while encouraging longevity and optimal performance.

What also matters is how your roof is cleaned. Too many power washing companies still use the same cleaning methods for your delicate asphalt shingles that they use for your concrete sidewalks. Our team uses soft washing, which helps protect and clean!

Soft washing relies on using cleaning solutions to do the brunt of the work instead of abrasive water spray. Our soft washing approach dislodges contaminants from crevices that might be missed by traditional power washing. And you won't have to worry about damaged shingles or water encroachment.

House Washing Like You've Never Seen In East Greenwich Township

When was the last time you had your home's exterior cleaned? If you think a good rainstorm is sufficient for house washing, it's time for a wake-up call. Rain and other environmental factors actually add to the grime and contaminants that collect on the outside of your house.

Call North Star Power Washing for all of your pressure washing service needs in East Greenwich Township. We promise to meet and exceed your expectations with our high-quality cleaning results.

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